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I'm unsettled, (usually) and this is where I post the fanfic I write + random babbling + mad, mad flailing over movies/books/what have you.

I read too much, and watch too many movies, and have a cranky, cracky muse. I don't watch much tv, but that may change when I get access to more than one channel/non dial up interwebs/non terrible unthrottled satellite. I have a tendency to babble incessantly about random nonsense. If you comment on my fic, I will flail about and squee - if you do so more than once, I will probably run over to your fic, read it all, leave insanely long comments without a shred of coherency, and then follow you around like some creepy stalker. There, doesn't that inspire you to leave feedback? :)

Right now my big fandom love is Sherlock Holmes, with a side of Iron Man/Avengers, plus *anything* with Mark Strong (at the moment, primarily Body of Lies, Rock'n'Rolla, and The Long Firm). I have a tendency to immediately want fanfic for anything I see, never mind that I NEED MORE FANDOMS LIKE MULTIPLE HOLES IN MY HEAD. You can find an overly long list of all my lurking/itty bitty fandoms/things I wish there was a fandom for here.

You can find all my fic at my Fic Master List, or over at AO3, with a few things at FFNet. You can also find me at DW and tumblr. I’m unsettledink on most IM programs as well, and frequently online even when invisible. Feel free to start up a chat with me, as I’m shy and unlike to start one myself.

Feel free to friend me if you want, for whatever reason, but I'd love it if you'd drop a comment in the friends post, just to say hi. As to anyone I've recently added – if I didn't drop you a note, I probably friended you because I've had your journal in my bookmarks for months, think 'awesome person' and being too shy to just go ahead and say something. Feel free not to add me back, as you most likely don't have the faintest clue who I am; I'm mostly hoping that seeing your posts on my flist will give me a push towards actually saying something.

I give blanket permission to play in whatever transformative way you fancy with any and all of my fic. Just link me so I can squee, ok?


Pimp hats belong to anneka_neko, the_me09 and scrapbullet. I pay my pimps in fic. Eventually.

Everything else belongs to viceindustrious.
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