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Down through the trailing wire


I'm unsettledink, here and pretty much everywhere. Most of the older entries are locked; if interested, access can be granted. You can find all my fic at AO3.

At the moment (2021) I've gotten up in MCU (particularly Starker and other Tony or Peter related ships) after shifting back into lurkerdom for some time. My interests are varied and my fandoms are many. I am shy but like to talk. If you get me started good luck shutting me up. Also I guess some people worry about liking/reblogging/commented/etc a bunch of stuff at once? So if you are worried, I 100% love it. Go wild. Blow up my inbox and make my day. :D

I do not give two shits about who or what people ship. YKINMKATO. It’s fucking fiction, folks. I’ve almost certainly shipped or written ‘worse’ at some point.

Please feel free to comment, message, or otherwise contact me with any passing thought you may have. While I am not great at promptly replying, I am always interested in discovering new potential friends.

I give blanket permission to play in whatever transformative way you fancy with any and all of my fic. Just link me so I can squee, ok?